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GUSS Asphalt Mixing Plant
To produce guss Asphalt for bridge surface paving

Guss Asphalt is a kind of Asphalt concrete which has good fluidity and workability, automatically leveling into shape without rolling after mixing in high temperature, with characteristics of impervious (minimum porosity), corrosion resistance, abrasion, oil proof and strong deformability.

Guss Asphalt is widely used in road and bridge surface, tunnel road surface, dam and the city sidewalks, parking lot, floor and roofing and other ultra-thin layer pavement in Europe, the United States and Japan etc.

Guss Asphalt is prepared by mixing plant which can produce Asphalt mixture of high temperature. Currently only the specialized Asphalt mixing plant manufactured by Ca-long can produce guss Asphalt mixture efficiently.

The key units for the Guss Asphalt mixing plant, such as drying drum which can produce high temperature materials, vibrating screen which can screen 8 kinds of high temperature (280 ℃) aggregates, the currently most efficient and longest-life mixer, guss Asphalt transport and compaction equipment, rotary dual drum rock powder heater which can produce high-temperature rock powder, all are developed independently by Ca-long or together with a domestic well-known research institution.

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