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CL-2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant (capacity 160t/h)
Main Features:

■ Transport by standard containers.
■ Module design, convenient to assemble/disassemble.
■ Hot elevator and filler elevator are integrated into the main tower.
■ Steps and platform of each floor are also fixed to the framework of the main tower with no further assembling needed.
■ Vibrating screen has the structure of 5 decks 9 segments, which could screen 5 kinds of aggregates.
■ Double control system, free to exchange and isolate to operate.

Standard Components:
1. Cold aggregate feeding system  
1.1 Cold aggregate bin 5pcs
1.2 Collecting belt conveyor 5sets
1.3 Horizontal belt conveyor 1set
1.4 Primary screen 1set
1.5 Inclined belt conveyor 1set
1.6 System assistant functions 1set
2. Drying drum heating system  
2.1Drying drum 1set
2.2Main burner (diesel oil or gas or heavy oil) 1set
3. Main tower  
3.1 Hot elevator 1set
3.2 Filler elevator 1set
3.3 Vibrating screen 1set
3.4 Hot bin 1set
3.5 Weighing system (aggregate, bitumen, filler) 1pc
3.6 Mixer 1pc
4. Hot mix storage silo (downside, 80t) (option) 1set
5. Dust cleaning system  
5.1 Primary dust filter 1set
5.2 Second dust filter (Bag filter or water filter) 1set
5.3 Pipeline system 1set
5.4 Induced fan 1pc
?5.5 Chimney 1pc
6. Filler feeding system  
6.1 Filler silo (combined) 1pc
6.2 Impeller conveyor 1pc
6.3 Screw conveyor 1pc
7. Pneumatic system 1set
8. Control system  
8.1 Computer control system 1set
8.2 Monitoring system 1set
8.3 Power distribution cabinet, cables 1set
8.4 Control room (with air conditioner) 1pc
9. Bitumen heating and storage system  
9.1 Bitumen tank (40m3) (option) 2pcs
9.2 Bitumen storage tank (20t) (underground) 1pc
9.3 Bitumen pump 1pc
9.4 Thermal conducting oil boiler 1set
9.5 Thermal conducting oil pump 1pc
9.6 Small burner 1set
9.7 Heavy oil heating system (option, extra money)
(it is provide for main burner with heavy oil only)
10. Spare parts 1set

       Note: we could provide the products according to users?requests.


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